Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Not Delivery...It's Just A Supid Man

You got to love when grown men act like little kids. Eating in front of the television, dragging mud into the house, lying to their mothers...oh wait, that's the guy's wife? Yup, Stupid Men are at it again. Sports-crazed, couch potato, pizza eating creatures of habit. Everything is going according to plan until the wife (who acts more like her husband's mother) busts them! "Larry! (sigh) We just had the carpets cleaned", cried the wife. "Baby, it was the pizza guy", replied the Stupid Man. Ah, but the Stupid Man was clever-trying to fool his wife into thinking the (DiGiorno Pizza) was delivery! "Bread sticks?", the wife asked.."I guess there was a pizza guy", she concluded.

The Stupid Man and his Stupid Man friends all chuckled. They fooled her! Oh wait, no. She found the box-it was DiGiorno! Stupid Man left it on the counter.

Take away from this commercial: Men love pizza. Men lie to their wives. Men are not detailed oriented. Men are stupid.

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