Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stupid Lazy Dad

Oldie but a goodie... As the kids are 'hanging out' in the living room (one is playing with cards, while the other is reading a magazine), their Father addresses them like board members. "well, kids...I signed us up for a better family plan that will save us money so Mom can quit her second job (as a taco mascot)". Wow-Father really knows best, eh? While he did make the decision to move into a better cellular family plan, he obviously does not understand the current plan (because he's an idiot-he's stupid). He probably doesn't even know how to text. Not only is he clueless, he is also lazy. While poor mom is out working her second job as a taco (wtf), dad is busy hanging out with the kids.

Even as a Taco, Mom is still the "responsible" one of the family. Notice how she picked up the mail on the counter, as dad made fun of her, "Hola"...? She picked up the mail because she pays the bills-literally. Dad has no idea where the money of the family goes, what kind of Verizon plan he has, or who his daughter is hanging out with on Saturday nights.

Stupid Dad.


  1. These kinds of commercials make my head want to explode.

    Please comment on this one... the ultimate "LOOK AT MY HORRIBLE FAMILY LEAD BY MY DUMB HUSBAND!" commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjtqoQE_ezA

  2. Matthew! Thank you SO much for finding this commercial! This is one of my favorites!