Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Are we not over the whole Charlie Sheen #winning phenomenon yet, people? I mean, really. The following commercial is annoying for the following two reasons:

1. Charlie Sheen #winning (winner) reference
2. the guy featured in this commercial seems like a complete idiot

At a party (who brings Taco Bell to a party, by the way? Haven't you people heard of cheese, wine, potato salad?), one obnoxious man went crazy because he thought he "won" a taco. It's just a "cheesy double-decker taco"...but it's like you are actually getting "two tacos for the price of one". Um, really? I don't order a double cheesburger thinking it was buy one patty and get one free. Stupid man.

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  1. My husband sent me a link to your blog, saying "We're not the only ones who have noticed!" Thank you so much for this blog! "Stupid man" commercials drive me crazy and are so incredibly insulting. Why does society allow such a depiction of men? I have a feeling people would be raising concern if women were portrayed this way. Thank you!