Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Krafting a Pregnancy Disaster

First, I must apologize for being absent for, well, over a year. Apparently, it's hard to have a full-time job, somewhat of a social life, and still manage to update a blog that you claim to be passionate about, in a reasonable amount of time. My apologies! Lucky for us, there has been a ton of great content in the last few months that we can expose! The gem below was on one of the major networks late last night. The culprit is Kraft Mac & Cheese. This makes me sad for several reasons: 1. I fiercely defend Kraft Mac & Cheese as being "THE" only powdered poison cheese and noodles in a box worth consuming! I have been in (often times, drunken) debates with strangers about the superiority of the contents in that blue box. It's better than the generic. It's better than the organic. It's better than home made (you KNOW it is, too). 2. Actually, I don't have another reason..... So, let's just go ahead and get into this. I'm not sure what's worse, the selfish Dad or the annoying-know-it-all kid. Since when does a 6 year old know what the word "questionable" means? Since when can they even pronounce it? Poor Mom is cooped up, alone and VERY pregnant in bed, while her (lazy and apparently hungry) husband and son relax downstairs. The woman requests some mac and cheese from her husband. She does this via text (which I have got to imagine is just a sign of our times, and not that the house is THAT big). Her husband rushes to the kitchen, opens the coveted blue box, and within moments, is back on the couch with a tv dinner table (what are those tables actually called?), inhaling the cheesy noodles. He failed to bring any up to his wife, who soon calls him out for his selfish and inconsiderate behavior. Damn guy, don't you know NEVER to come between a pregnant woman and her cravings? Stupid man.....

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