Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This MAY be one of the worst Stupid Man Commercials to date! Congratulations, Esurance! While your peers are busy just implying that men are complete fools, you actually commit to copy by displaying a name plate under "Hank" that reads "out-of-touch Dad". Really? You mean, holding a hose while it slowly (like, usually it takes DAYS to fill up a pool) is being "in touch"? Who would think that? But, just in case some viewers slipped through the cracks, Hank's phone has a clown-like ring tone to Eforce the Effort to make Hank look as dumb as possible. My favorite part is that the neighbor is a black man. Could you imagine if the "out of touch Dad" was a black guy being corrected by a white male neighbor? (GASP!) The irony in the desperate attempt to be politically correct while mocking "Hank" is absolutely fantastic. Yeah, this is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson.